Accident Injury & Public Liability

 If you or a member of your family has suffered an injury in a public place or private property there may be an entitlement to compensation for injuries suffered.

For example, you may have suffered an injury at a hotel, in a shop, at a function or even as a result of a dog bite. Compensation may be available for injuries suffered in a wide range of circumstances and therefore it is very important to seek early legal advice as to whether you may have an entitlement to claim having regard to the particular circumstances of your injury.

To ensure that you are entitled to claim, early advice so as to secure the necessary evidence to make out your case is vital. It is therefore important to get the right advice early. If you are entitled to claim in respect of your accident injury, you may be entitled to recover damages for;

  • Pain and Suffering.
  • Lost wages.
  • Lost employer funded superannuation contributions.
  • Future loss of earning capacity.
  • Past and future medical treatment.
  • Care provided by family members.
  • Home help requirements

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